About us

Nadeed Al Wash Factory for Dates in KSA is considered as one of the specialized factories in the field of manufacturing and packaging of dates with a high quality through modern and global level production lines to increase the competitiveness quality and to be at the forefront of the factories in the Kingdom, and seeks to be the most distinctive and efficient factory in KSA in the field of date manufacturing, according to the latest standards. In light of the availability of high expertise technical cadres in this vital area.


Where we are distinguished careful  to quality on a continuous and high, and raise them to the highest levels, and the factory has obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system certificate as well as the ISO 9001: 22000 certificate for quality and safety of food, based on the factory’s keenness to adhere to the appropriate standards and to serve the customers with utmost precision and devotion and to rely with God’s help on modern technology in production and manufacturing , And securing a product of high quality in light of our orientation in the marketing management of the plant to open new marketing channels and work to expand the opening of outlets for the external markets for dates and derivatives and invest in the steady development in the area of ​​palm cultivation and date production in the Kingdom, Where the Kingdom is one of the most important dates producing countries in the world at the moment


To be one of the pioneers in dates industry in the Middle East.


Providing dates products and derivatives in high quality.