Production, purchase, marketing and sale of dates inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Packing of Nathree dates with different weights and designs, according to customer needs.

Dates processing (vacuum packaging) with high production quality, latest equipment and expertise with different weights

Store dates in refrigerators (cooling and freezing) for factory customers.

Steaming dates with the latest fumigation machines.

Exporting Saudi dates to all authorized countries.

Participation in awareness of the importance of dates.

What we offer our customers?

We work hard to maximize performance, to serve you beyond your expectations.

Which countries do we export to?

We export our dates to many countries through our International Marketing Office

How can I purchase Dates?

You can order directly from the shop page of the site, or directly contact the numbers listed on the site

Production lines

Nadeed Al Washm for dates products are manufactured in a modern factory that shall be adapted to modern global techniques, and using the raw materials with high quality of the local and global factories. In addition to having a team of experienced and competent in the dates industry to ensure the highest quality standards in production processes. Production capacity of  Nadeed Al Washm factory for dates per year exceeds (20,000 tons) of products represented in pressing and packing of more than 100 kinds.

Automatic packaging and packing

Factory offers several options of packaging and packing with different weights, dimensions and designs that seeks to meet different needs of customers. The factory also offers a range of packages for automatic packaged pressing which is compressed by expulsion of air, such as : 1 kg / 0.50 kg / 50 gm.

Transmission and distribution

the transmission and distribution process is considered in the present age as one of the most important success factors at work, and our keenness in Nadeed Al Washm factory for dates to open distribution channels to cover the regions of the Kingdom, in addition to facilitate to facilitate the procedures of transmission in cooperation with world’s leading transportation companies.

Our customers

The factory could and within a short period to develop a strong customer base within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad, and to provide them with its products to meet their needs appropriately.