importance of dates

A brief about dates:

  • Date (or dates or ripe dates or Busr) is the fruit of palm trees, one of the fruits that is famous for its high nutritional value, where its a summer fruit that spreads in the Arab world.


  • In the past, Arab used to depend on dates in their daily life, dates are characterized by oval shape, and its measure ranges from 20 to 60 mm length, while its diameter is from 8 to 30 mm.

Dates importance:

  • Palm tree is a good and blessed tree, which have many benefits of the human person, where it has an economic and environmental importance due to its production of dates, which are the most important agricultural crop in the KSA, dates are considered one of the basic consumer goods in the KSA, where they are consumed fresh or wet or dried or preserved, especially in the holy month of Ramadan, palm tree also helps to protect the environment from pollution.

Date components:

  • Dates contain the necessary elements for the body growth and its safety. Perhaps the most prominent of these ingredients are vitamins A1, B5, B3, and B2. In addition to minerals like sulfur, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese and copper.


  • Date also contains a significant proportion of water, salts and dietary fiber, besides protein, carbohydrates and little fat.


  • Dates are distinct because of their high nutritional value and their importance in maintaining public health.

the most important nutritional benefit of eating date

Dates production in Saudi Arabia:

  • The last Statistics for 2013 indicated that there are more than 25 million palm tree in KSA. Their production reaches approximately 1.1 million tons. and more than 400 class. y up to 16% of total world production, which is about 7 million tons. Thus contributed to the access of Saudi Arabia to market shares in various global food markets.

Emblem of Saudi Arabia

Emblem of Saudi Arabia since 1950. consists of two crossed Arab swords and a palm tree on the top. Swords symbolize strength, stamina and sacrifice, but the palm tree symbolizes goodness and vitality.